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ET (embryo transfer) programs from your own donors

An ET program includes the housing of donors in Paks, the superovulation, flushing, freezing and transfer of embryos (fresh or frozen). It contains the necessary hormone products, tools and materials, as well as expert advice on the keeping and preparation of the recipients.


Embryo export

We export embryos all over the world. The service contains the administration cost of health certificates, the freight costs, the organizition of shipping and the whole custom and export administration.


Transfer of import bovine embryos

We transfer import bovine embryos as well. We receive and store the embryos.


ET Courses

For veterinarians with experience in bovine reproduction. Embryo production, transfer, and especially the complete laboratory work and freezing. It takes place locally in its own large holstein stock and extra-equipped laboratory, where embryo programs are routine.

Cattle reproduction consultancy/service

We provide cattle reproduction services, what contain the followings: 

  • Ultrasound pregnancy control – 30 days after AI or ET
  • Cycle starting or infertility treatment of non-pregnant cows*
  • Pre-season synchronisation of beef cattle herds

*Hormones not included. Customers responsibility to esnsure them. Max 100-120 examination/day

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