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Complex embryo transfer programs

Our complex ET program contains the flushing, freezing, transfer of the embryos at farm conditions, and also contains the media and equipment costs.


Embryo export

We export embryos all over the world. The service contains the administration cost of health certificates, the freight costs, the organizition of shipping and the whole custom and export administration.


Transfer of import bovine embryos

We transfer import bovine embryos as well. Under right circumstnces we guarantee 50% prengnancy rate.


Breeding consultancy

We have more than 30 years experience in breeding. We have complete consultancy services for estabilishment of new farm facilities or the developement of old ones.

Reproduction consultancy/treatments

We have infertility treatment services, what contain the followings: 

  • Ultrasound pregnancy control – 30 days from fertilization
  • Cycle starting or infertility treatment of non-pregnant cows*
  • Pre-season synchronisation of beef cattle herds

*Hormones not included. Customers responsibility to esnsure them. Max 100-120 examination/day

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