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Four Milkmen heifers on the EU Top 25 lists

Four Milkmen heifers on the EU Top 25 lists

The latest genomic evaluation results have already made it clear to us that our new heifers are very strong in their age group. With this preliminary information, we were already looking forward to...

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Our Janka is in the EU Top 25

Our Janka is in the EU Top 25

For the first time, a member of our Janka cow family, the 0505 is on the European 25 Net Merit list. http://eurogenes.nl/top-genomics/top-genomics-detail.html?list_id=50307&spreadsheet_id=53891 ...

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Milkmen Ltd.

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  • More than 40 years expreience in production and breeding 
  • 860 cows, 910 heifers and 100 bulls
  • 54 Gold Medal Dam – produced more than 100.000 kg milk
  • Number of silver jugs: 28 pcs – cows who reached the highest level milk production in the country/year
  • We owned the Hungarian record in milk production: 160,839 kg.  Begonia (30057 4534 7) were kept in our stock for 17.5 years
  • 305-day lactation average of over 12,000 kg since 2008 continously
  • Our highest closed lactation record: 22,554 kg for 305 days
  • 4 National Show Winners
  • Several Gold Medal Sires from our bred produced in AI stations.
  • Nucleus program with genetic tested heifers
  • 851 genome tested animals
  • 541 females above 2500 TPI
  • 77 heifers over 2700 TPI – 19 among them above 2800 TPI
  • Our outstanding cow family:
    • 5140 Vilma led the European Top list in 2017 for months (2807 TPI). She gave 48 embryos, from which we also exported
    • 7144 Vilma (2897 TPI) was sold to Belgium in 2019 at the European Masters Sale auction. She was then the highest NM heifer (1032) ever sold in Europe.



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