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Our ET activity at the Milkmen’s dairy herd in 2022

Embryo production in the first half year, 2022

Transferable embryos/flush First grade embryos, %
Total 7,2 76
Heifer 6,9 76
Cow 12 75


Pregnancy rates from frozen embryos, first quarter of 2022

ET PR, %
Heifer 28 57
Cow 44 52
Total 72 54


Since August 2021, more than 150 calves have been born from ET on the farm.

…and in 2021

306  in vivo transferable embryos from heifers and cows

227 transfers in heifer and cow recipients – fresh and frozen embryos

  • 60,5% heifer pregnancy rate in Summer (June, July and August)

Cow+heifer pregnancy rate from fresh and frozen embryos: 54%


  • 100% PR from fresh embryos in July

Cow PR rate from ET in July: 57% (fresh+frozen)


  • Heifer PR in May and June 74% (fresh+frozen)


As an example, one of our donors – 8123

Her GTPI was 2851 in the spring of 2021, with this she was the best of the herd.

– in June, 10 embryos and 9 pregnancies from Aladdin

– in September, 7 embryos and 6 pregnancies from Perfect

Thus, a total of 15 calves were born from her in 2022,

within three months.

The average genomic breeding value of the 17 heifers evaluated in February 2023 was 2938 GTPI.

What does Embrio Ltd. do?

Embrio Ltd. is the first hungarian EU-accredited mobile embryo transfer station, which also runs an on-farm embryology laboratory (ET code: HU-001E) in Paks since 2021. It was founded in 1989, especially for producing & trading bovine embryos. The founder`s aim was to estabilish & develope the ET business in Hungary.

From 2021, we work in a newly established embryo laboratory. The equipment of the lab is unique among  the “on-farm” laboratories at the European level, and during the investment we also acquired numerous special equipment.

We produce cattle embryos for our own purposes, for sale, and we even produce embryos for you from your donors with housing. Currently only with washing (in vivo), but soon we will also offer in vitro produced embryos/embryo programs available to anyone.

We transfer fresh and frozen embryos.

What else do we do?
We focuse on the adaptation of latest researches, developments & technologies, as well as the high-quality implementation of ET services. We also provide the opportunity to view and learn all of these during hands-on courses. We also provide consulting services. We have great experiences in bovine and equine reproduction, donor and recipient management.

Horse embryo transfer too…
Since 1997, Embrio Ltd. has also carried out successful embryo transfers in horses. The technology is available in our farm, please contact us for more details.

Contact us!