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Equine IVP (OPU-ICSI) pregnancy from our lab!

As far as we know this is the first pregnancy from in vitro produced equine embryos in the Eastern half of Europe.

The first IVP (IVF) calf was born from the laboratory of Milkmen Ltd. – Embryo Ltd.

The first result of our new in vitro lab testing (see here:   https://embryo.hu/en/2022/10/20/ivf-embryos-in-our-lab/) which can be seen with the...

A successful OPU-IVP (IVF) embryo program at Milkmen Ltd.’s lab

After the IVF laboratory testing with slaughterhouse oocytes at the end of last year (which resulted 2 pregnancies), on February 28 we started a...

2022 – our first full year

End of the old year, beginning of the new year - for many, this period is about summing up. We did no different, curiously evaluating the first full...

IVF embryos in our lab!

We started to running the smallest but most important new unit of the Milkmen’s EMBRYO Transfer Center: the in vitro lab. The first round of testing...

Calves from preconditioned in vivo embryos

At Milkmen Kft. in Paks-Földespuszta, the first two calves were born from in vivo embryos preconditioned before freezing.

The first (half) year of the Milkmen Ltd. – Embryo Ltd.’s EMBRYO Center

We left behind a busy and at the same time very exciting year in the new EMBRYO Center of Milkmen Ltd.-Embrió Ltd in Paks-Földespuszta (Hungary)....

Aladdin embryos with 90% pregnancy rate in summer!

It is not uncommon in bovine embryo transfer that three of the 4 embryos from a donor, two of the 3 embryos, or even two of the 2 embryos resulting...

Our new EMBRYO Center is established

A tender investment and a dream come true: the development of our new EMBRYO Center has been completed at our farm, at Milkmen Kft. in Paks-Földespuszta

Vilma and her progenies

How will a top genetic cow have as many offspring as possible? Milkmen Ltd.'s 5140 Vilma (Denver) was ranked the best in her age group in Europe in...

Our first OPU-IVP Holstein-Friesian calves were born at Milkmen Ltd.

The first Holstein-Friesian calves were born from our own in vitro produced (IVP) embryos at Milkmen Ltd.’s herd in Paks.

Four Milkmen heifers on the EU Top 25 lists

The latest genomic evaluation results have already made it clear to us that our new heifers are very strong in their age group. With this...

Our Janka is in the EU Top 25

For the first time, a member of our Janka cow family, the 0505 is on the European 25 Net Merit list....

We are over 3000 TPI!

In September 2022, Milkmen Ltd.'s heifer 9902 was evaluated for 3001 gTPI, and with this result she placed fifth on the European top list:...

Calves over 2900 TPI at Milkmen!

Based on the results of the genomic breeding value estimation in May 2022, three of our heifers also reached the 2900 TPI in the stockg of Milkmen Kft. In Paks-Földespuszta

An AltaGOPRO heifer with high genetic merit at Milkmen

A heifer of high genomic breeding value was born again at the Milkmen Ltd’s farm in Paks-Földespuszta. The 9282 was born on June 30, 2021, from...

Milkmen Outlook

And our other breeding bulls
Our bull, Milkmen Outlook, ranked 19th in the Holstein Friesian breeding bulls (top 100)

About the high genetic merit heifers of Milkmen Ltd.

At the beginning of March, another genomic test results were received from our heifers, which are very joyful to us: 3 animals are also above 2800...

A heifer with outstanding breeding value

Another calf of high genomic breeding value was born at our farm, Milkmen Kft. in Paks-Földespuszta. The heifer was ranked to 2837 GTPI. She is the...

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Female holstein embryos

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From genomic tested (TPI) Milkmen’s donors

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Embryo recovery from our high getic merit stcok for export. Genomic tested (gTPI) holstein donors and verified A2A2.

Complex ET programs with your own elite donors. Embryo recovery, fresh and/or frozen transfer. Donor housing.

Transfer of your imported embryos. Embryo storage. Synchronisation, donor & recipient management.

Research projects in genomic selection. Incorporating new technologies into our everyday practice. Hands-on ET courses at our own farm and lab.

Embryo laboratory

Outstanding productivity and results


New, well-equipped embryo lab

Our modern, newly established facilities (in vivo and in vitro laboratory) are equipped to the standard of a research laboratory and are suitable for a wide range of embryology purposes. Work related to embryo programs is routinely carried out in them, which can be viewed by all interested professionals.

Our calves from ET

More than 150 calves have been born from embryo transfer at the herd of Milkmen Ltd. since August 2021 as a result of our work. The average genomic breeding value of the 17 heifers evaluated in February 2023 was 2938 GTPI. We have already transfered preconditioned, biopsied, splitted and IVP (IVF) embryos.


Outstanding productivity

Our transferable embryo/flush average were 7.2 in the first half of 2022 (Holstein breed, 90% from heifers). The pregnancy rate achieved by transfer of frozen embryos was 54% in the first quarter of 2022 (2/3 of them were transfered into recipient cows).