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The team of Embriobos Ltd. in cooperation with Embrió Ltd. has set a new record in the Hungarian cattle embryo production in 2019. 

János Barabás Hungarian beef cattle Gray breeder imported 9 Murray Grey cows and heifers from England (Oakley Murray Greys) in 2019. He sent some of them in the ET Center in Martonvásár. Gyula Gyulay and László Volman, the vets of the Embriobos and Embrió Ltd was fluhing 53 embryos in the fist round from the UK741031400368 (x Bottlesford KUDOS KPN K18). 50 of them were freezable quality (1st and 2nd class). This donor was flushed twice more times and gave an additional 9 and 27 embryos in the same year. These 89 embryos are now the Hungarian record. The embryo programs were followed the traditional MOET protocol.

Many of this and other Murray Grey embryos were transfered to the recipients of János Barabás in Görbeháza resulted 40% pregnancy rate. To use the embryo transfer programs numerous MG calf was born there in 2020.

He also imported 138 top-genetics MG embryos from Australia (Wallawong Premium Beef), which were mostly transfered by Volman and Gyulay doctors during 2020. 12 calf from this embryos have alredy been born.