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A tender investment and a dream come true: the development of our new EMBRYO Center has been completed at our farm, at Milkmen Kft. in Paks-Földespuszta. This project could have happened with the support of VP3-16.1.1.-4.1.5.-4.2.1.-4.2.2.-8.1.1.-8.2.1.-8.3.1.-8.5.1.-8.5.2.-8.6.1.-17.

Embryos are processed in two rooms in the modern facility. In the larger laboratory, in vivo embryos are searched, graded, prepared for transfer and freezed. In the smaller room for the in vitro embryo production we installed a Nikon Ti2 inverted microscope equipped with a Narishige micromanipulator and a Lykos laser system. It will be suitable for embryo biopsy, splitting and will also help to work with in vitro embryos.

As a continuation of the laboratory, there is a hall in the building in which we have installed a stock that meets the requirements of animal welfare, labour protection, hygiene and ergonomics.

Our team is formed, we have already started working at the center. We have  produced embryos from 24 donor heifers and cows so far, this year.

In the additional space of the building, there will soon be possibility for donor and recipient housing.


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Zsófia Vigh PhD, laboratory manager +3630/194-88-44

László Volman DVM, managing director + 3620/540-94-95

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