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At the beginning of March, another genomic test results were received from our heifers, which are very joyful to us: 3 animals are also above 2800 GTPI.

We are already performing this test on all heifers in the Milkmen herd, currently 577 animals have GTPI results.

The level is shown by the fact that there are currently a total of 4 heifers evaluated for GTPI over 2800 in Hungary. 3 were born and raised here as a result of the breeding work at Milkmen, Paks. They are the following animals:

8123 Vilma (Vilma x Solution x Jedi) – Was born in February 2020, she leads the Hungarian list with 2851 GTPI. In the near future in the ABS pre-release program she will be fertilized with the semen of Hercules, who has now the 3rd highest GTPI in the world. We look forward to her embryo programs. The heifer has +6.2 longevity, NM $ 780, A2A2.

8570 Janka – (read more here) – link. She ranked 16th out of 134 genomeic tested Invictus girls all around the world. 

8779 Rita (Riveting x Delta-Lambda) is 3rd on her list with 2818 GTPI. He was born in November 2020 and has +5 longevity, +1.99 udder composite, and low somatic cell count.

The three heifers will be use as an embryo donors to maximaze the genetic progress of our own herd, and we are planning also to sell embryos from this heifers.

In our stock we have 15 another heifer with genomic breeding values above 2700 GTPI. We have already flushed embryos from some of them – from some of them has already a pregnancy and from some of them have we have frozen embryos waiting to be transerred, and anothers is still waiting for an embryo program.