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Our first OPU-IVP Holstein-Friesian calves were born at Milkmen Ltd.

Our first OPU-IVP Holstein-Friesian calves were born at Milkmen Ltd.

The first Holstein-Friesian calves were born from our own in vitro produced (IVP) embryos at Milkmen Ltd.’s herd in Paks.

We have previously reported on the first successful IVP embryo productions from ovum pick-up (OPU) in March, 2023 – https://embryo.hu/en/2023/03/10/a-successful-opu-ivp-ivf-embryo-program-at-milkmen-ltd-0/. The visible and tangible results of this can already be seen here in the farm.

Two of the four embryos transfered on Women’s Day became pregnant, and the calves were born on December 8 and 12. The donor dam is our heifer 9625 and the mated bull is Achieve. From this donor heifer, we produced two embryos of Perle paternity a few months earlier in vivo, i.e. by flushing. One of them resulted in pregnancy and had a calf (from a preconditioned-frozen embryo), which was born on November 6. You can also see a photo of her at the bottom of the page.


OPU: dr. Gyulay Gyula

Laboratory work (IVM, IVF, IVC): dr. Vigh Zsofia

Embryo transfers: dr. Volman László


The following week, further OPU-IVP embryos from our laboratory were transfered by dr. Gyulay Gyula, Wabu (Blonde’d Aquitaine x Watussi x Senepol) breed. One of them resulted in pregnancy from a second grade embryo, and the birth of the calf is also slowly becoming a reality.

Update: the Wabu IVP calf was born on 24th December, 2023.


Four Milkmen heifers on the EU Top 25 lists

Four Milkmen heifers on the EU Top 25 lists

The latest genomic evaluation results have already made it clear to us that our new heifers are very strong in their age group. With this preliminary information, we were already looking forward to the results of the March 2023 genomic breeding value results, which did not caused disappoint:

0362 Milkmen Vilma (Captain x Invictus x Jedi) is 10th on the genomic list (GTPI: 3074, NM$: 1039): http://eurogenes.nl/top-genomics/top-genomics-detail.html?list_id=50307&spreadsheet_id=53897 

And on the Net Merit list:

0355 Milkmen Vilma (Captain x Invictus x Duke) the 14th

0145 Milkmen Maros (Upside x Acura x Delta-Lambda) on the 15th

0265 Milkmen Begónia (Upside x Invictus x Delta-Lambda) reached 18th place.

All three have well over 1000 NM$ and two have GTPI over 3000:



Three of the heifers was born from embryo transfers from our own-bred cow families. Their genome test results can be viewed below.

The picture of the embryos shows calf 0355 at 7 days old. From that flush, a total of 5 heifers were born from the 6 embryos, each with a genomic breeding value above 2900 GTPI (2 above 3000).

For more information, please contact us.


Our Janka is in the EU Top 25

Our Janka is in the EU Top 25

For the first time, a member of our Janka cow family, the 0505 is on the European 25 Net Merit list.


The Gameday daughter was born from an embryo transfer on November 24, 2022. Her mother is 8570 Janka, who also has a very high genomic breeding value, and last year four daughters were born from ET, three of them with a TPI above 2900.


For more information, please contact us.


We are over 3000 TPI!

We are over 3000 TPI!

In September 2022, Milkmen Ltd.’s heifer 9902 was evaluated for 3001 gTPI, and with this result she placed fifth on the European top list: http://eurogenes.com/top-genomics/top-genomics-detail.html?list_id=50303&spreadsheet_id=53799http://eurogenes.com/top-genomics/top-genomics-detail.html?list_id=50303&spreadsheet_id=53799

She is a Captain daughter, from our Vilma cow family. The date of birth is 02.02.2022, her mother is 3316772966, who was also used as an embryo donor. This high genomic breeding value is accompanied by an outstanding Net Merit of 1017, which is currently (Sept. 2022) the 20th best in Europe.

The heifer has a good Feed Efficiency index, balanced production traits and high fat pounds. Her conformation is characterized by correct functionality, and the health and reproduction traits are balanced at a high level. Her calving rate is 1.3%.

We will soon start embryo production from his maternal half-siblings (Milkmen 9455, 9694, 9706), embryos from them can be ordered. You can find them here.

Further information: info@embryo.hu


Calves over 2900 TPI at Milkmen!

Calves over 2900 TPI at Milkmen!

Based on the results of the genomic breeding value estimation in May 2022, three of our heifers also reached the 2900 TPI in the stockg of Milkmen Kft. in Paks-Földespuszta.

The Milkmen 9981 has 2936 TPI is our best now. She was born on 11/03/2022 from embryo transfer. Her father is Bigshot and she has the following results:

– 961 NM $

– A2A2

– + 1501 Milk

– +5.4 Productive Life

– +1.29 PTAT

– +1.57 Udder composite

– +0.49 Feet & legs Composite

– 2.82 Somatic Cell Score


The second highest breeding value heifer on our list is the Milkmen 9625. The Captain daughter with 2915 TPI has the following tratis:

– 923 -NM$

– Outstanding, 1.36 Feet & Legs Composite

– 1.3 Sire Calving Ease

– +5.8 Productive Life

– +1.3 DPR

– +1.31 Udder composite


Milkmen 9662, the third calf also from ET has a genomic breeding value of exactly 2,900 TPI. Her father is also a Captain and she can:

– 911 NM$

– 6.1 Productive Life

– 1.4 Sire Calving Ease

– +0.5 DPR


All three heifers will be used as embryo donor, their genomic report can be viewed below.

Further information: info@embryo.hu


An AltaGOPRO heifer with high genetic merit at Milkmen

An AltaGOPRO heifer with high genetic merit at Milkmen

A heifer of high genomic breeding value was born again at the Milkmen Ltd’s farm in Paks-Földespuszta. The 9282 was born on June 30, 2021, from embryo transfer. Her donor mother is our 729 Vilma heifer (Achiever) and the father is AltaGOPRO.

About the heifer in numbers:

2827 GTPI

833 NM$

+2605 Milk

825 Cheese Merit

+1.51 Type

+ 1.17 UDC

+3.8 PL

High Semex immunity index

A2A2 Beta casein


The heifer will be utilized as an embryo donor when he reaches the appropriate age, and embryos can be booked from her.

Further information: info@embryo.hu