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At Milkmen Ltd. in Paks-Földespuszta, the first two calves were born from in vivo embryos preconditioned before freezing.

Our team has introduced the PTAT cell preconditioning technology in the processes of embryo cryopreservation and in vivo embryo production.

PTAT (pressure triggered activation of tolerance) technology applies a defined, cell specific mild treatment for the reproductive cells. The short treatment slightly alters the environmental conditions for a predetermined time. As a consequence cells react with the fundamental, coded cellular defence mechanism that strengthens them. Consequently treated cells retain their normal function better, perform better, resulting in better embryo survival, better pregnancy rate and better offspring. The technology is provided by Applied Cell Technology Ltd (http://appliedcelltechnology.com).

In our Embryo Transfer Center, on 05/11/2021, the 8791 heifer from our Vilma cow family gave 10 transferable quality embryos. The mating bull was Elon. Four of the collected embryos – three first and one second grade – are treated before freezing using the method described above (PTAT – pressure triggered learning of tolerance). The embryos were transfered into recipient heifers on 11. 26 and the two calves were born on August 15 and 24, 2022.

We used the equipment manufactured by Applied Cell Technology for the first time in this lab, and since then we have continuously incorporated it into the daily routine of our embryo programs. We assign a serious role to it in terms of increasing efficiency and publishing our research results.

Photo of the embryos and calves can be seen under this post.