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In September 2022, Milkmen Ltd.’s heifer 9902 was evaluated for 3001 gTPI, and with this result she placed fifth on the European top list: http://eurogenes.com/top-genomics/top-genomics-detail.html?list_id=50303&spreadsheet_id=53799http://eurogenes.com/top-genomics/top-genomics-detail.html?list_id=50303&spreadsheet_id=53799

She is a Captain daughter, from our Vilma cow family. The date of birth is 02.02.2022, her mother is 3316772966, who was also used as an embryo donor. This high genomic breeding value is accompanied by an outstanding Net Merit of 1017, which is currently (Sept. 2022) the 20th best in Europe.

The heifer has a good Feed Efficiency index, balanced production traits and high fat pounds. Her conformation is characterized by correct functionality, and the health and reproduction traits are balanced at a high level. Her calving rate is 1.3%.

We will soon start embryo production from his maternal half-siblings (Milkmen 9455, 9694, 9706), embryos from them can be ordered. You can find them here.

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