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The latest genomic evaluation results have already made it clear to us that our new heifers are very strong in their age group. With this preliminary information, we were already looking forward to the results of the March 2023 genomic breeding value results, which did not caused disappoint:

0362 Milkmen Vilma (Captain x Invictus x Jedi) is 10th on the genomic list (GTPI: 3074, NM$: 1039): http://eurogenes.nl/top-genomics/top-genomics-detail.html?list_id=50307&spreadsheet_id=53897 

And on the Net Merit list:

0355 Milkmen Vilma (Captain x Invictus x Duke) the 14th

0145 Milkmen Maros (Upside x Acura x Delta-Lambda) on the 15th

0265 Milkmen Begónia (Upside x Invictus x Delta-Lambda) reached 18th place.

All three have well over 1000 NM$ and two have GTPI over 3000:



Three of the heifers was born from embryo transfers from our own-bred cow families. Their genome test results can be viewed below.

The picture of the embryos shows calf 0355 at 7 days old. From that flush, a total of 5 heifers were born from the 6 embryos, each with a genomic breeding value above 2900 GTPI (2 above 3000).

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