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In July of 2023, we also started working with equine gametes in the ivf laboratory of Milkmen Ltd.-Embrió Ltd.’s ET Center in Paks.

We succeeded in making embryos in the first round as well, but our second attempt in September 2023 undoubtedly resulted in beautiful blastocysts. After vitrification and warming two embryos were transferred, both of them implanted as detected by ultrasonography on Day 8., October 2, 2023. As far as we know this is the first pregnancy from in vitro produced equine embryos in the Eastern half of Europe.

Next time we continue with direct transfer after vitrification.


Zsófia Vigh PhD, embryologist and the team, as well as the veterinary team

The laboratory background was provided by László Volman DVM, owner


The original date of publication of this post: 08.10.2023.


Photos: the 5 blastocysts cultured in the 2nd round, the two blastocysts resulting in pregnancy before vitrification, on 10.09.2023; one of them at 4.5 days; all oocytes of the donor mare after in vitro maturation