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The first Holstein-Friesian calves were born from our own in vitro produced (IVP) embryos at Milkmen Ltd.’s herd in Paks.

We have previously reported on the first successful IVP embryo productions from ovum pick-up (OPU) in March, 2023 – https://embryo.hu/en/2023/03/10/a-successful-opu-ivp-ivf-embryo-program-at-milkmen-ltd-0/. The visible and tangible results of this can already be seen here in the farm.

Two of the four embryos transfered on Women’s Day became pregnant, and the calves were born on December 8 and 12. The donor dam is our heifer 9625 and the mated bull is Achieve. From this donor heifer, we produced two embryos of Perle paternity a few months earlier in vivo, i.e. by flushing. One of them resulted in pregnancy and had a calf (from a preconditioned-frozen embryo), which was born on November 6. You can also see a photo of her at the bottom of the page.


OPU: dr. Gyulay Gyula

Laboratory work (IVM, IVF, IVC): dr. Vigh Zsofia

Embryo transfers: dr. Volman László


The following week, further OPU-IVP embryos from our laboratory were transfered by dr. Gyulay Gyula, Wabu (Blonde’d Aquitaine x Watussi x Senepol) breed. One of them resulted in pregnancy from a second grade embryo, and the birth of the calf is also slowly becoming a reality.

Update: the Wabu IVP calf was born on 24th December, 2023.