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And our other breeding bulls

Our bull, Milkmen Outlook, ranked 19th in the Holstein Friesian breeding bulls (top 100) according to the April 2021 breeding value estimate, with 1211 HGI points. He was born from embryo transfer among the very first sons of her father (Superman) in the world. Among the Superman boys, he is still 7th in the leaderboard, in TPI order. Outlook was also used in Canada, there were the first milked cows from he, thanks to which he was also evaluated in the USA based on the girls.

More information about Outlook can be found on the website of Génbank-Semex Hungary Ltd.: http://www.semex.hu/holstein-adatlap/id-200HO07907 .

Our other bull, Milkmen is also on the top100 HGI list, he is currently in 41st place.

Milkmen Ltd. Has already given breeding bulls to Hungarian breeders in the recent years. Some of these are bulls with a central registration number that have been sent to an artificial insemination station at Semex and Bos Genetic, respectively: Kivételes, Opium, Phoenix and Slash.

Since 2009, we have sold nearly 100 breeding bulls to other dairy farms for breeding.

Bulls are selected based on their pedigree, maternal production data, and HGI.

Bulls of high breeding value and excellent pedigree are still available for this purpose, inquire at milkmenkft@gmail.com.

Photos: Outlook – Giorgio Soldi, others – Krisztián Bodaki